What if you could become part of an investment community that establishes, operates and scales your business and doubles as an appreciating asset? Welcome to our eFranchise business model, an income producing digital asset. This Automated Business is hands-free, lending itself to a passive stream of income that allows you freedom of choice, time, and greater opportunity. While we leverage Amazon and their platform, you – the investor, leverage us. With the knowledge, experience, systems, infrastructure and leadership, we help you become a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world of online sales. Both Amazon and e-commerce aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are going to grow, and we will grow with them – will you consider joining us and our team of experts?

Developing Multi-Million Dollar Businesses


Amazon Wholesale (FBA)

Did you know that 58% of online retail from Amazon comes from people just like you and me? Instead of being solely a consumer, become a producer – a 3rd party seller. Our highly experienced team will help you every step of the way. From onboarding to the launching of your store, we will guide you, answer your questions, and continue to communicate for as long as you remain with us. Wholesale is such a powerful model that we see the lives of our investors being changed over time. Profitability and consistency are the driving factors, and we have a team that is proficient at both.
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Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS)

You have probably been to a Walmart once or twice, right? Maybe even spent a little money there? Then why not make money utilizing their fulfillment service? Not only do we partner with Amazon, but we also leverage the thousands of Walmart locations across North America. When it comes to real estate, Walmart is at the forefront of retail which allows them to ship quickly and in a timely manner. As they build out their online presence, our investors here at eWealth are direct beneficiaries of the millions of online consumers that Walmart already has. What do we leverage here you ask – it’s proximity and affordability.
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20+ Years of combined business experience

You don’t have to know it all and quite frankly, you don’t have to know anything at all. With over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience, building businesses, creating automation, and helping investors get in the right mindset, we here at eWealth help you build a strong foundation. And not only do we help you build it, but our vast operations team helps you maintain it. You get all the benefits of being a business owner with only 2% of the work – what could be better than that? Additionally, when you feel the need to ask a question or communicate with someone, you have your own team for that as well. Communication is of the utmost importance to us here at eWealth and we stand by that. All that being said, we are here to build both success and community, so what are you waiting for?
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Hear From Our Investors Instead

Denise Lopez shares her experience as an eWealth eFranchisee. Her store started cash flowing while she was on vacation, and has more time for engaging in favorable activities as a result of adding another hands-free asset to her investment portfolio.

Joe Borror owns multiple businesses and added an eWealth eFranchise to his portfolio because it is a sustainable long-term business that cash flows. Hear him share his excitement about it being hands-free inside of this testimonial.

Al's eFranchise generated three to four months' salary in six months. He's looking to acquire a second store to increase his passive income. Watch the quick video to hear his experience as an investor with eWealth.

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